PC Fixx Consulting: Information Technology with Heart
Saving the Planet One Computer at a Time
PC Fixx Consulting

Information Technology with Heart

PC Fixx Consulting is one guy, Paul C. Fixx, who has come to believe that he was given the name PC Fixx for a reason: to work with, ie, to fix PCs.

Paul is an Information Technology Consultant who works with individuals and small businesses to help them make the best use of their technology investments through planning, installation, configuration and training.   

Paul has been working with computers and technology since 1972.  He has also worked in the shipping and transportation industry and has experience working with businesses of all types. He lives in Hardwick, Vermont. 

Paul is involved with many community organizations and takes a strong interest in how we can use the resources of our planet most wisely. For more on that click the link for his Save The Planet Blog. 

Paul C. Fixx
PC Fixx Consulting
43 Jenne Rd.
Hardwick, VT   05843
(802) 441-4599


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