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IT Services

Virus Detection & Repair

Call me for recommendations on software to detect and remove viruses before they become problems, or at the first sign of an infection for help removing a virus and restoring normal performance of your PC.

Data Recovery

I work with the premier data recovery company in the world.  If your hard drive, or other storage media fails there's a good chance we can recover most, if not all, of your data.  When your lost data is critical, including your business or personal financial data, a lifetime worth of photos, or your latest manuscript, I recommend sending your media to DriverSavers, otherwise we can take care of less critical data right here in Vermont.

Click here to learn more about DriverSavers data recovery. 

Software Installation, Configuration & Assistanc

My specialty is helping you get the most out of your PC or MAC.  Whether it's setting up your email in the most convenient way, setting up a database to track your collections, or helping with a mass mailing I will work closely with you to understand your needs and help make it easy to do your work.

Network Design & Configuration

Whether you are a small business creating a new network or an individual setting up a PC or Mac to work with your DSL connection I can help you to get up-and-running quickly.

Hardware Upgrade & Repair

I can help you find and add inexpensive memory and disk drives, or help fix whatever might break on your PC or MAC.


Personalized training on common Microsoft Office applications and many others, including those that can help manage your business or personal finances. 

PC Tune-Up

If you've had your Windows PC a while you may have noticed some things take longer than they once did.  I can help clean out junk that builds up over time and make recommendations for upgrades that may help get back the performance you've lost as you've installed software upgrades that take more of the computer's resources to run.

General Business Consulting

I can help with many of your general business needs, from sourcing to establishing streamlined business processes and shipping products to simplify packaging and calculating shipping costs. I can help with most operational needs you might have.  

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